Thank you for stopping by Solution Containment, home of The Solution line of mobile containment units. They are easy-to-use and made for performing above-ceiling tasks in sensitive environments. The Solution far surpasses other dust carts on the market. Learn about our history.

Some features of The Solution mobile containment units include:

  • One-step, one-person lift and lock mechanism
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Easily moved and set up
  • Exterior pocket allows for the visibility of ICRA documentation 
  • Built-in electrical outlets
  • One-year warranty
  • Two sizes available

Choose Which Unit Fits Your Infection Control Needs

Infection Control

Each facility has different demands, which is why we have multiple models to choose from. Our line of containment units were created to accommodate your infection prevention needs without needing additional pieces and lasts for 10+ years.

Compare each model or talk to a specialist at 1-800-822-8489.

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easytomoveEasy to Move

The Solution is easy to move through doors and inside elevators. The casters ride smoothly and will not leave marks on the floor.

easytoownEasy to Own

The Solution and it's many features is easy to own at a competitive price. Plus, incentives are available when you purchase multiple units.

easytooperateEasy to Operate

Each Solution model has a one-step, one-person lift-and-lock mechanism that allows it to be operated by just one person, saving your department time and money.

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Let's find the best fit for your needs! Compare Solution models, call 1-800-822-8489 to talk to a specialist or request an online quote.

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