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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mobile Containment Unit

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mobile Containment Unit When it comes to mobile containment, there are many different options on the market. Each offers great benefits, some more than others; so how do you filter through and decide which containment unit is the best option for your facility? Paying attention to these 4…
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How To Easily Meet ICRA Requirements with the One-Step Lift & Lock Mechanism

Construction, renovation and maintenance activities present a major concern for infection control, because they present a great risk of airborne dust and mold.  Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA) save lives by minimizing the risk of spreading or exposing patients to potentially harmful particles that can result in Healthcare Associated Infections. As recommended by the CDC…
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What Makes The Solution Unique?

The Solution Mobile Containment Unit is designed to enhance and simplify Infection Control during maintenance and construction projects that require above ceiling work. The Solution was designed with the contractors and maintenance personnel in mind, based on our experiences working in the field on fire damper inspections and firestopping projects. We found the need for…
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4 Steps To Ensure Proper Infection Control During Maintenance Projects in Hospitals

Healthcare associated infections are a significant safety risk for individuals obtaining care in a variety of settings. The Joint Commission  (TJC) continues to strengthen infection control standards in order to raise awareness that health care associated infections are a “national concern that can be acquired within any care, treatment or service setting, and transferred between settings, or brought…
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Why Use Containment Procedures in Hospitals and Commerical Buildings?

In sensitive environments such as hospitals, production facilities and laboratories, containment of dust and debris during building maintenance projects is crucial. Renovation, construction and installation projects are ongoing in busy facilities and these projects stir up dust which can carry harmful particles. In order to make sure dangerous pathogens are not able to travel into…
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