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The Solution Mobile Containment Unit
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The Solution Mobile Containment UnitThe Solution was created out of the need for infection control. While preforming work in hospitals and other sensitive areas, the possibility of airborne particulates causing hospital-associated infections (HAIs) was a real concern. The solution was The Solution mobile containment unit.

How Does a Mobile Containment Unit Help with Infection Control?

Dust generated by maintenance and inspections can sometimes contain airborne contaminants that are easily transmitted throughout a building. In sensitive environments this can become hazardous as mold and fungal spores can travel within dust infecting patients and contaminating clean areas. For this reason, it is important to contain your work area and create a negative pressure environment where air is HEPA filtered before being released into the surrounding environment. That's where The Solution becomes an essential tool. Dust and infectious particulates are contained within the unit to eliminate exposure to the surrounding environment.

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Hard-Sided vs. Soft-Sided Containment Units

The Solution can be used in a variety of applications. Its ease of mobility makes it a great option for any above-ceiling project. The Solution is a favorite containment unit among many electrical, life safety, IT and other contractors.

When completing a project that has access points in different areas of the facility, the need to move your containment around quickly and easily is crucial to productivity. Soft-sided containment units are difficult to set up and move. Their fabric design is also difficult to clean and isn’t as effective as The Solution.

A Mobile Containment Unit with Efficiency in Mind

The Solution is useful in a variety of settings, such as laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, and other sensitive areas at risk of contamination. You can find our mobile containment unit models currently in use at many prestigious hospitals, life science & technology companies, and other facilities across the country.

Maintenance and other construction work must be completed above ceiling in all areas of a building, including highly sensitive areas. So finding an effective way to avoid contamination for these projects is crucial.

Biological material, such as fungal spores and mold, is transported within dust and can travel throughout a building’s duct system. This can cause a wide range of problems from contaminated laboratory samples to sickness and death in immunocompromised patients.

Although the risk involved with contamination and HAIs is well known, setting up the appropriate barriers can be time consuming and bothersome. Especially in occupied areas where contractors or facilities personnel need to be mobile.

The Solution Arrives Ready for Use

The Solution products are the easiest and most effective containment carts on the market. Other units tend to be a hassle to set up and often require more than one person to use. Furthermore, most require additional purchases of several other parts in order to function. Plus they wear out more quickly, requiring the replacement of parts or the unit itself.

Soft-sided units usually require the additional purchase of a negative air machine attachment in order for them to filter air properly and create a negative pressure environment. Additionally, these parts can become lost or break over time, making these units more expensive to maintain and use.

The Solution line of products comes ready to use with a built-in HEPA air-filtration system without needing to purchase separate products or options. They take seconds to set up and begin working. In addition, the lightweight, metal construction offers durability, strength, and an extended lifetime expectancy of 10+ years.

Total Dust Containment

Soft-sided units collect dust and contaminants during work. When these units collapse, dust that attaches to the side of the unit, disperses through the top and defeats the purpose of containment.

With the Solution, a quick wipe-down with disinfectant wipes is all you need to ensure dust does not disperse during take-down. We also offer a zip-top enclosure (sold separately) for the top of the unit for use in more sensitive areas like surgical suites and ICUs.

Fast & Easy Use

Other containment units require lengthy set-up, complete with tent poles and fabric attachments, that can often take up to 10 minutes before beginning work.

The Solution is ready to filter and requires little to no set-up. Just roll The Solution into place, lift the tented top in one-movement, and close the door to begin work.

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