Infection Control

The Solution and Infection Control

Use the Solution for Infection ControlWith over 110,000 deaths caused by healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the US per year and 5% of these deaths associated with construction or maintenance-related work, it’s no wonder why workers are required to take infection control precautions when working in healthcare related environments. The Solution, with its one-person set up and simple design is the easiest and most effective infection control cart on the market today.

Tested and Certified

Before leaving our warehouse, each solution’s built-in HEPA filter is DOP tested to at least 99.97% efficiency.

Most Effective Unit

The Solution’s powder coated metal sides are easier to wipe down than vinyl soft-sided units.

In ultra-sensitive environments like surgical suites or clean rooms, The Solution’s zippered top accessory (sold separately) zips the top of the unit closed, so you can ensure no dust escapes the unit when it’s being moved or taken down.