3 Ways to Minimize Harmful Particulates During Maintenance

3 Ways to Minimize Harmful Particulates During Maintenance

Is your roof leaking and needs maintenance? Do you want to change a broken tile? Do you want to clean the air duct of the HVAC? In all these tasks a lot of dust is generated that may prove to be harmful to the health of many people who are directly exposed to it. Furthermore, these harmful particulates can trigger the growth of mold that gives rise to other infections. Here are three ways to deal with this issue and to prevent the spreading of infection during a maintenance activity.

Temporary Closure

Closing off the area that maintenance is being performed is the best way to prevent airborne particulates from coming into contact with building occupants. You can do all of your work and have the opportunity to clean the area prior to people returning. While effective, it’s often not be feasible for many businesses.

Minimize ExposureHospitals are one of the many examples of  facilities that need to prevent exposure to harmful particulates.

If you are one of the many businesses who cannot temporarily close, minimize exposure by having as few people in the area as possible. The work can be done after hours or on weekends when there are less people in the area. Plus, there’s the added benefit of having less obstacles when setting up equipment.

Use Mobile Containment Unit

In sensitive areas such as hospitals or clean rooms, it is imperative that dust produced during maintenance activity be contained. For such purposes, The Solution Mobile Containment Unit is the best option. It’s designed specifically for maintenance workers whose job involves above-ceiling inspection and maintenance. The HEPA-filtered unit can easily be moved and is thin enough to easily pass through the doors. These containment units are not only used in hospitals and offices, they are also widely used in data storage areas, sensitive production facilities and chemical laboratories.

The Solution has been selling mobile containment units to hospitals for a decade. The unit is manufactured by them and is found in hospitals around the country. For more information about them or for a custom quote, call 800-822-8489 or request an online quote.

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