Mobile Containment Products

The Solution Mobile Containment Family

There are two Solution Mobile Containment units to choose from: The Solution 10, and The Solution 13

Each model is designed to enhance and simplify infection control in projects requiring above-ceiling access with a one-person, one-step lift and lock mechanism.

The Solution Mobile Containment Unit Specs

The Solution 10

Our original containment unit, The Solution 10, can reach ceilings of up to 10 feet. It is easy enough for one person to move and use with our one-step lift and lock mechanism, saving time and increasing productivity. It’s slim design and professional finish help to improve traffic flow while working in corridors and tight spaces. The Solution 10 contains a built-in fan and HEPA filter, with a switch that controls airflow up to 750 CFM (see chart at right).

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The Solution 13

Our largest containment unit offers expanded dimensions to reach ceilings of up to 13 feet. Accommodating up to a 10 foot ladder fully-extended, The Solution 13 is still sleek enough to navigate through corridors, doorways, and elevators. Our one-step lift and lock mechanism with extender, allows for easy, one-person set up in seconds. The Solution 13 contains a built-in fan and HEPA filter with airflow up to 750 CFM.

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