Just Arrived: The Solution Fusion Mobile Containment Unit is Here!

The newest member of The Solution Mobile Containment family has arrived…and just in time to show it off at the ASHE Annual Conference next week.  The original Solution 10 and Solution 13 have been helping hospitals across the U.S. to minimize hospital associated infections (HAI's). Although we receive such positive feedback, we asked customers to tell us what would make it even better. And The Solution Fusion was born!

Solution Mobile Containment

The Solution 10 & 13 help minimize the spread of HAI's

What's Different About The Solution Fusion?

  • Lower Cost
    The Solution Fusion has been redesigned to be just as rigid as our 10 & 13 models and save you money at the same time.
  • Side Access Panel Option for Wall Work
    The Solution Fusion has an optional panel for jobs requiring wall access.
  • HEPA Filtration
    Like all of our Solution mobile containment units, the Fusion is equipped with a powerful HEPA filtration system.
  • Replaceable Panels
    If your Solution Fusion gets damaged, make it look new again with replacement panels.

When Can I See It?

The new unit literally just arrived in time to ship it out to the ASHE Annual Conference. Visit us at booth 650 to be one of the first people to see it!

Not going to ASHE this year? No problem – we are busy creating a virtual tour of all the new features. Complete the form below to be notified as soon as it’s ready.

Why Choose The Solution Mobile Containment Units?

The Solution is not your average containment unit. It was created by professionals who's job depends on keeping hospital patients safe from above-ceiling contaminants. As HAI’s continue to increase, the need for a durable, reusable unit was critical. The use of disposable containment units can get very costly and if they do not protect people from infection, they can be a liability. The Solution fusion aids in infection control whenever and wherever you need it.

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