Save Hundreds Buying The Solution Containment Direct

Save Hundreds Buying The Solution Containment Direct

LIVERMORE, CA - Solution Containment is offering their HEPA-filtered mobile containment units direct to consumers. Both the Solution 10 and Solution 13 are available, along with the filters and accessories.

“Customer service is our top priority,” said Solution Containment owner Dennis Cohan. It’s closely followed by creating the most convenient, easy-to-use, HEPA-filtered mobile containment unit on the market.

Last October Solution Containment added Jeff Raisner as the National Sales Manager to further their customer service initiatives. “When customers call in, we work together to determine which unit best suits their needs to prevent infection,” said Raisner. “I’m here to answer all of your questions before and after your purchase.”

Ordering direct is easy:
1.    Call Jeff to determine which unit best fits the project requirements or request a quote online at
2.    Choose a shipping and payment preference.
3.    The order will be processed and a new unit will be prepped and shipped out.
4.    Each unit arrives completely assembled with a built-in HEPA filter, simply attach the skirt and it’s ready for use.

The Solution HEPA-Filtered Mobile Containment Units are a large part of the infection control process when performing work at hospitals across the United States. The HEPA filtration system keeps harmful dust particles above the ceiling from contaminating surrounding areas.

“I enjoy hearing all the different applications in which customers are using The Solution,” said Raisner. “More and more hospitals are requiring containment units be used while working in their facility, so it’s no surprise that the units are being used in new industries.”

To learn more about The Solution HEPA-Filtered Mobile Containment Units, call Jeff at 1-800-822-8489 or visit

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