About Solution Containment

The Solution Mobile Containment UnitsThe line of Solution containment units was created by our friends at PREVENT Life Safety as the need for infection control grew. They developed them from industry services experience, working above-ceiling in sensitive environments. The need for an effective, durable containment unit that was simple enough for one man to use was in high demand.

The Solution mobile containment unit was born and proved to be the easiest, most effective containment unit on the market. Its features improve efficiency and streamline above-ceiling work. Our life safety service technicians started using The Solution every day to do fire damper inspections, air duct cleaning, and firestopping. We started getting stopped in hospitals by facility managers and asked where they could purchase one of our units.

Who Else Uses The Solution?

Now, we sell our containment units to hospitals and contractors across the country. Many facility managers and contractors prefer The Solution over other containment units. The Solution can be found in top hospitals across the country, such as Stanford, Mayo Clinic, etc.

Call us to find out more about purchasing The Solution for your facility today 1-800-822-8489.

To find out more about PREVENT Life Safety’s life safety service offerings, call us at 1-877-392-6074 or visit our website at www.prevent-lss.com. We offer fire damper inspections and repair, firestopping, fire door inspections and repair, mechanical systems restoration and cleaning as well as photoluminescent egress systems installation.

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