Why We Love The Solution Containment Unit (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love The Solution Containment Unit (And You Should, Too!)

As businesses grow, organizations need more effective solutions to their operating problems. Businesses that operate in highly sensitive environments, particularly the healthcare industry, are in need of efficient measures to contain the spread and risk of infections that can be detrimental for the well-being of their customers and staff members.

This is where The Solution Containment Unit comes in handy. These are HEPA-filtered mobile containers (also known as dust carts) that help contain the spread of infection in sensitive areas. Essentially, they allow enterprise in healthcare environments to conform to high health and safety standards. Solution Containment Units are getting increasingly popular, due to its simplicity of use and lower operating costs.

The Solution Containment Units can be an exceptional resource for your organization. Some key advantages include:

Love the Solution Containment UnitPortability

First and foremost, Solution Containment Units are very easy to move. Contractors and facility managers that conduct operations in sensitive areas need units that are easily moved inside elevators and through doors.  So the user can move the unit with tremendous ease and not have to worry about it leaving any marks on the floor, therefore eliminating additional clean up.

One-Person Operation

A Solution Containment Unit can be operated by a single user. Its sophisticated design and engineering utilizes efficient lifting and locking mechanisms that not only increase time savings, but also contribute to labor and administration costs. Setup time is under 3 minutes.

One-Step Assembly

Unlike other containment units, you can easily assemble the solution containment unit without requiring additional tools and manpower. You simply have to attach the replaceable skirt. The rest of the unit is ready for immediate use.

Easy to Own

The Solution Containment Unit is great for electrical work, replacing tiles, fire barrier services, air duct work, and any other above-ceiling projects. In addition, the built-in HEPA filtration system helps prevent the spread of harmful particulates, making work in sensitive areas safer.

What's not to love? Call 1-800-822-8489 today and get your custom quote.

The Solution mobile containment units have been aiding in infection control in hospitals across the U.S. for over a decade.  For more information about which model is right for you, or to order, call 800-822-8489 or click here to request an online quote.

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