3 Sensitive Environments in Which Contractors Need a Containment Unit

3 Sensitive Environments in Which Contractors Need a Containment Unit

It can be tough to determine when you will need to contain potentially harmful particles on the job site. While each project is different, we know that some buildings are more regulated than others. Here are three common controlled sensitive environments:


Healthcare facilities are always treating sick patients. Any situation where harmful dust particulates may come in contact with them definitely needs a containment unit. Using a HEPA-filtered unit is effective and may prevent Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs). For example, if you are installing new cables, you are likely removing ceiling tiles. When you do, particles come down that can potentially affect patients. A HEPA-filtered containment unit will catch and filter out any harmful bacteria that try to come down.


Certain industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, require a special cleanroom when handling their products. A cleanroom is specially designed to have regulated air distribution to control airborne particles to keep them at a minimum. With the high level of caution that is taken when working with sensitive items, performing any maintenance must be done at the same level of caution. Using a mobile containment units will keep any particles that are above the ceiling or in a vent from contaminating the room.

Old Buildings

Many buildings built before 1978 have the potential to contain lead or asbestos. There are a number of projects that a contractor could perform that would uncover these hazards. When you are replacing any contaminated items, such as air ducts, insulation, etc., you want to be sure not spread any particulates into occupied space. Using a mobile containment unit will help to keep dust particles controlled and filtered out of the air.

If you preform work in any of these types of environments having mobile containment unit will help you control the dust particles that are created. In fact, it may be a big selling point for contractors in these niche areas. There are many types of containment units, be sure to choose the one that best accommodates your projects.

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